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Strangest Things Found in Plumbing – 6 Weird Things Plumbers Have Found in People’s Pipes that You Probably Didn’t Know About

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As professionals, we’ve seen it all. We’ve had parents call because their toddler has flushed a toy down the toilet, or someone has accidentally dropped their wedding ring into the black abyss of drains and pipes but what else gets stuck down those drains?

Even though grease, soap scum, and hair clog toilets and plumbing pipes, not everything that clogs them is disgusting. In fact, some of the causes of a stubborn clog are something quite unexpected, something a bit funny, something cute, or something that’s a little heartwarming.  Read on to find out the # weird things plumbers have found down the drain while on the job.

1.       Live Animals

The most common animal found in toilets and drains are goldfish, but some plumbers have reported finding snakes, turtles, badgers, and other small animals as well.

2.      Dentures.

Many sets of dentures have caused toilet stoppages. While these can fall into the toilet, it is best to keep your dentures or false teeth as far from the toilet as possible when you are cleaning them to ensure that they cannot cause a drain clog.

3.      Personal electronics.

There have been items as small as watches and batteries to as large as cell phones (So far, no tablets!) If it can be flushed, chances are someone has tried to put it down the drain. Rather than disposing of electronics properly, these plumbing customers flushed them instead.

They probably didn’t realize this would cost them more money and hassle in the long run! Lesson learned: always recycle your electronics in the proper facilities or pay the price.

4.      Toys and children’s items.

Whether they’re trying to get rid of an unwanted toy or give a loved toy a swimming lesson, flushing items down the toilet is a favorite pastime for children of all ages. Plumbers have found everything from dolls to toy cars in the drain, but the strangest one is a toy dinosaur. But this was no ordinary toy dinosaur —it was a foam toy that expanded with exposure to water. So, as you’ve probably guessed, it created a formidable clog once it settled in the toilet’s pipes. In fact, once the plumber retrieved the toy dinosaur, it was twice its original size!

5.      Tools and home improvement supplies.

There must be an easier way to dispose of flashlights and screwdrivers than down the toilet, but that hasn’t stopped us from finding them!

6.      Clothing and linen.

Items ranging from as small as socks and underwear to as large as bedspreads have been found in toilet traps and drains.

Don’t Lose Your Belongings Down the Drain

Don’t end up on the list – be careful around an open drain. However, accidents do happen! Should you lose something down the drain, book an appointment with us. Our plumbers will get your most treasured possession out of there promptly.